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Unlocking Financial Abundance with the Chakras 8/22 & 8/25

More than just a “currency,” money is an energy. It's a current that flows through our lives. Sandy Fernandez, Founder of Karmic Currency will host two events in Washington, D.C. on the topic of Chakras and Money. If you want to attend both events, the topics will be varied enough after the initial explanation that you will gain different insights from each events.

First event on Thursday, August 22 will be shorter and an introduction to how the two affect one another.

Second event on Sunday, August 25 will be a two-hour workshop going in depth through each chakra and its influence and relationship with money.

Chakra & Money Event 8/22: How do the seven chakras relate to money and finance? Sandy Fernandez, Founder of Karmic Currency and author of Karmic Currency: Chakras & Money will share how a specific energy center relates and influences money in your life. She will also touch upon how to leverage the heart and third eye chakra specifically to manifest your dreams.

Exploring Money Through the Chakras Workshop 8/25: Sandy will teach how each part of your financial picture is associated with a different chakra, helping you free yourself from limiting beliefs and connect to your true abundance. She will discuss each chakra and the power each holds with spending, saving, creativity, entrepreneurship, business, and limiting beliefs.

This workshop is designed to take participants through a journey into their chakras as it relates to financial and money matters. We start by discussing money mindsets and taking a guided mediation to connect and uncover your money story. Throughout the workshop, we’ll travel inward through guided meditation to understand and observe how each chakra relates to money.