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Living an Aligned Life Through Intuition 6/24

Listening to your gut. This phrase is probably the most commonly used when referring to intuition. Intuition can be a quick thought that pops into your mind or a feeling about something to come. Those who have strong connections to their intuitiveness are seen as psychics or mediums. We all have intuitive capabilities. In this one hour session, we will explore the different types of intuition, how to determine which types of intuition you possess, and how to leverage them in your daily life. At the core, intuition is understanding and connecting to your inner voice. If you need to be convinced about intuition, in 2014, the U.S. Military started a four-year, $3.85 million research program to explore premonition and intuition for sailors and Marines. This session will be led by Noah William Berman.

About Noah William Berman

Noah William Berman will lead this eye-opening session on intuition. He is a natural medical medium and can link health issues to emotional and spiritual trauma. Noah has always been hypersensitive but began developing his intuitive abilities about ten years ago, doing readings only within his inner friend circle. After predicting an explosion in East Harlem in March of 2014, Noah decided to start talking about his abilities more openly and began doing work with private clients one on one as well as workshops. His intention is to facilitate people's awakening so that other's can develop their own sense of inner clarity, purpose and self-actualization.

Noah has also worked with doctors, scientists, and businesses such as ALOHA, EVERMORE, Torii Labs and amongst others to create and health and wellness products before merging his passion for brain health with his background in product development to launch Higher Mind, his latest venture with his where he’s developed a natural line of nootropics to help unlock cognitive potential.

About Woo Woo Company

The Woo Woo Company is a community for skeptical hippies, bringing new, unique health and wellness concepts to Washington, D.C. We bring the topics. You decide what works for you.

We'll explore topics that you would normally see in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sedona, and beyond. Think human design, numerology, sound therapy, CBD oil for health, crystals, meditation, etc.

Everything we share with you is to help you develop your own intuition. As you explore the world of woo, discover the tools and concepts that resonate most with you and leave the ones that don't work behind. If we do our job right, you'll never need to see an astrologer, psychic medium, etc. again because you'll have all the answers already. But until then, we'll help you on your spiritual journey in discovering who you are and what you want in this life.