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Exploring the Shadow Self with Akashic Records 8/14

  • JRINK Foggy Bottom (map)

The Shadow Self is the dark part of ourselves. Our insecurities and fears live within the Shadow Self. The part of ourselves that we are afraid to reveal to others in fear of rejection. Most of the wellness world focuses on the light side, centering around positivity and bringing more love to yourself and others. While these are important, we cannot forget our dark side. Both parts of us are integral in self-growth and wellness. We'll use journaling and Akashic Records to explore our fears and insecurities to gain more understanding and awareness of ourselves. We'll examine what parts of our Shadow Self are contributing to stressors such as imposter syndrome, burn-out, feeling of overwhelming from too many choices, lack of direction, and more. This self-healing session will be rooted in self-reflection through journaling and your ancestors, spirit guides, and your higher self through opening the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records contain an energetic imprint of every soul in the Universe, as well as larger entities such as groups, organizations, events, and locations. It stores what was, is, and will be from anything and everyone. When we start the reading, there will be various information shared with the group based on the collective and individual.

This session will be co-led by Kristen Cordell and Alice Hu of Woo Woo Company.

About Kristen Cordell

Kristen is a certified reiki master, yoga teacher, and Akashic Records reader who is dedicated to treating the type-a crowd. Over the last ten years she has chased her professional passion, working with women and girls from Lebanon to Liberia and Austria. She currently lives in Washington, D.C. with her cat Mr. Sullivan and partner.

She has found energy healing as a way to manage her own chronic illness two decades ago. Energy work has brought healing and refugee from chronic perfectionism and hormonal imbalance. Currently, Kristen works 1:1 with clients in two ways - reiki and Akashic Records readings.