We Love… Solidcore


We love… Solidcore.

Solidcore seems intimidating: you can’t see inside the studios from the street, classes are small in size and upon first glance the machines look like medieval torture devices.  In reality, Solidcore is a full-body, 50-minute workout that feels like the most intense pilates class you’ve ever been to.

At your first class, here’s what to expect:

-You need the 4-digit code for your location to get in the door, have your phone and confirmation email handy.

-There is no front desk or staff.  When you arrive, find a cubby, take your shoes and socks off, and tuck your things away.

-Head over to the machines and pick an open one and if the coach hasn’t asked you your name yet, introduce yourself (usually identifiable as the only person wearing a headset).

-Once class starts, you will have no idea what’s going on, but look to your neighbors to see what moves they are doing; regulars tend to have them down.

-Coaches speak quickly and class is fast-paced, try to listen and pick up on the terms for each move: plank, crunch, extension, hold, pulse, lunge, deadlift and row are some of them.

-The coaches always offer modifications for each move - use them.  There’s also a pole at each machine to assist with balance for some moves; grab it if you need it.

-Before you know it class will be over - YOU DID IT!

-You will be sore, drink lots of water.

We’ve tried these Solidcore locations:

Virginia - Ballston

Washington, DC - Adams Morgan, Mt. Vernon, Shaw, West End

Maryland - Bethesda