We Love... Peloton

Photo Courtesy of Peloton

Photo Courtesy of Peloton

We love... Peloton.

While Peloton comes with a hefty $2,200 price tag (and you have to pay a monthly fee for classes after the first year), we haven’t found anything else that combines both the convenience and motivation of taking a group class.

How is it different from a typical spin class?


-It’s a very nice exercise bike and you don’t have to worry about who was sweating on it before you.

-You get to wear your own shoes.

-You can pick the class that works best for you, based on length, type of music, instructor, etc.

-You can roll out of bed at 6:59am to be in class by 7am.

-You get to workout in the privacy of your own home.


-It is not quite the same as being in a group class, no matter how much you want it to be.

Overall, we think it’s worth making the investment, especially if you struggle to get to the gym.

Kelly O'Malley