July 2019 Newsletter: Summer of Woo (Upcoming Events!)

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The Woo Woo Company is a community for skeptical hippies. We're bringing new, unique health and wellness concepts to Washington, D.C. We bring the topics. You decide what works for you. 
Summer of Woo
Lots of events coming up this summer! We're excited to host a Chakra Healing Yoga Class + Sound Bath at Lululemon Georgetown on July 15th. (Tickets are only $20!) For those looking to explore the shadow self, we have an event that combines the shadow self with Akashic Records. What are the Akashic Records? The Akashic Records contain all that was, is and will be for everything and everyone. All possibilities exist. It’s a collective spiritual consciousness that allows for a deeper understanding of yourself when accessed. Someone can open your records or you can learn how to access them yourself. You start off by asking questions or allowing information from the records to be shared with you. Want to learn more? Join us on August 14th. Toward the end of August, we will be welcoming Sandy Fernandez of Karmic Currency to D.C. to host two events with us about chakras and money! The first event will be an introduction to how money is affected by the seven energy centers of our body. The second event is a workshop that goes in-depth into this topic. Learn more about these events on August 22 and August 25 here. We hope to see you at one of these events or all of them!
July Eclipses 
The new month is starting with a new moon in Cancer and a solar eclipse on July 2 (tomorrow!)! What does that mean? This new moon will be especially powerful and emotional. Do something to help with this emotional release. Read: self-care and maybe a good cry. A full moon on July 16th also has a lunar eclipse. Eclipses are a time of change and course correction. It's a good time for a fresh start. Release what isn't working for you. Journal about your goals for the latter half of the year. Be on the lookout for big changes and shifts in your life. 

Mercury Retrograde is also in full force starting July 7 so communication within your life may be a bit haywire. 
Woo Woo Expert Interviews: Sandy Fernandez
You can’t just manifest money without action. Sandy Fernandez takes the fear and apprehension you may have with money away and replaces it with positive attitudes and habits. If you’re always worried about money, this belief will follow you. If you think in terms of abundance and also take action to make your thoughts into reality, financial security will be within your reach. Read more here. She'll be coming to D.C. in August and hosting two events with us! 
Woo Woo App
A friend texted us about this app and once we downloaded it, we couldn't stop reading about ourselves and adding friends to our profiles to also learn a bit more about them. What is The Pattern? It uses your birthday and thus, astrological information about you to tell you about yourself and various areas of your life (love, career, personal struggles, etc.). We found it to be eerily accurate for many things. There is also a section where you can learn more information about romantic partners and how they mesh with you. Let us know what you think of the app
Books to Expand the Mind
The Spiritual Almanac - Emma Loewe & Lindsay Kellner

"Taking time to nourish yourself and connect to the rhythms of the Earth can feel like a tall order when your days are packed to the brim but this beautifully illustrated handbook can make it a whole lot easier. The Spirt Almanac provides readers with potent, accessible rituals they will  want to call on again and again throughout the year to feel more grounded, aligned with their purpose, and in touch with their own innate sense of knowing."
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