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Tell us about yourself! What's your story? What do you like sharing with people?

I have lived all over the United States (as a kid) and the world (as an adult). I have worked and lived in places like Lebanon and Afghanistan. During my day job I am a policy advisor for the part of the U.S. Government that provides foreign aid. My career has been at break neck speed, a beaconing sense of purpose and an inherit connection to doing good in the world. I have also been guided by a deep sense of intuitive knowing since I was a child. I have been far less attentive to this skill set! While my intuitive gifts come naturally (much more so than my career), I am just starting to appreciate and cultivate them! My biggest and daily struggle is to follow that guidance and not get distracted by ego-driven pursuits. Every time I choose in favor of intuition, I grow.

How did you get into the woo woo?

I was diagnosed with a chronic illness, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, when I was in my early 20s. It was a very dark point in my life. In addition to trying to treat the symptoms, I was seeking out an understanding of why. I found an amazing book: Anatomy of the Spirit by Carolyn Myss, that altered my understanding of myself. Myss is a medical intuitive, and her book connects chakra imbalances with medical issues. It became instantly clear to me that my understanding of self had contributed to my illness, and that rebalancing that understanding would help me recover from it as well. I started going to Reiki and acupuncture regularly. I used manifestation to step into my most authentic self. I began to call in more energetic friendships, professional positions that utilize my true self, and my partner, who is the exact articulation of what I was looking for.  Over a decade after my diagnosis, I received my Reiki I and II training and eventually mastership. During the 2019 federal furlough I started my own small business, On Purpose Wellness. I use energy healing and Akashic Records reading to help people.

What is a pattern you see among clients and/or people?

Like most in DC, I am a very driven, Type A personality, who has long bought into the idea that almost anything can be overcome with hard work. In my professional life I have achieved so much through those tools but of course at a cost to my wellbeing. In my late 20s, I came to understand that I was viewing everything through the lens of my own (poor) self-worth. It drove me. I began using a number of woo woo techniques to work through this. I started questioning the narrative around not being good enough, and asking why I was always striving for more (and why it was never ever enough). 

Since I struggle with self-worth, I am often brought into contact with people that mirror that challenge. Feelings of low self-worth link to the sacral chakra, and can be established very early on in life. Rebalancing that energy is challenging and relies on us really resetting the narrative and our very foundational understanding of who we are. I called my business On Purpose Wellness because my services are for people pursuing their purpose in their professional and personal lives. I give my clients the tools to accessing the endless opportunities to be their highest self and vibrate a more positive frequency. 

What attracted you to Akashic Records?

I have been able to feel the energy of my ancestors and loved ones around me since I was a small child. I was interested in learning how to access the records to engage directly with them during a very uncertain point in my life. I love Akashic Record readings because they are full of surprises and love! Our highest-self wants the absolute best for us, and it's so amazing to walk people through getting access to that energy. 

What's next?

I am working on a new venture -- the Network of Women in Wellness, Washington. It's based around the idea that we are at a precipice for wellness in DC and we must prepare ourselves to serve the community during the transition. Healers often work in isolation, which can be tough, but the network will be a forum for bringing women together to share best practices and grow their skills! I am applying what I have learned in my professional role (planning modules in budgeting, marketing, and communications) to help others. Members will get the chance to participate in referrals and learning events. I am so thrilled about this concept of connection! If you'd like to share your inputs I have a short survey here

Treat this difficult moment as if you invited it.
— Peema Chodron
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Connect with Kristen

Kristen is a certified Reiki master, yoga teacher, and Akashic Records reader who is dedicated to treating the type-a crowd. Over the last ten years she has chased her professional passion, working with women and girls from Lebanon to Liberia and Austria. She currently lives in Washington, D.C. with her cat Mr. Sullivan and partner.

She has found energy healing as a way to manage her own chronic illness two decades ago. Energy work has brought healing and refugee from chronic perfectionism and hormonal imbalance. Currently, Kristen works 1:1 with clients in two ways - Reiki and Akashic Records readings.


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