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We meet Emily through the D.C. start-up scene, but quickly realized she was just as into the woo as we were. We’ve practiced breathwork and energy healing with her in Washington, D.C. where she also teaches yoga. She got us addicted to breathwork!

Emily’s Story

I found the woo woo when I was 15. I was recovering from an eating disorder and the nutritionist I was working with got me to go to a yoga class. I said yes mostly because I thought it would make me look like a Victoria Secret model. Heidi Klum had recently been featured doing it in Seventeen Magazine and I thought Madonna looked damn good so why not try it. I wasn’t really looking to heal anything - I was looking to feed an addiction to looking perfect. Yoga was the catalyst. My nutritionist/yoga teacher was also, as I later found out, deeply spiritual. She was a Reiki master, breathwork facilitator, medical intuitive, and aromatherapy practitioner. She turned me on to all types of alternative modalities and really normalized the esoteric. When most of my peers had high school jobs serving pizza, as a teenager I worked at yoga studios. I got to meet all sorts of people and there was really no going back. I kept the love of holistic wellness with me as I ventured off to college and have used yoga, breath, energy release, etc. as a way to calm me down in my professional life. Today I have a typical and pretty fun 9-5 job at a startup and run a women in tech company on the side. I also teach meridian flow yoga, energetic release classes, Reiki and breathwork. I never intended on being a yoga teacher or a Reiki practitioner or a super “spiritual person.” I don’t even totally think I am most days. But I've never stopped being interested in “woo woo” things and I am not sure I ever will. I still feel like I am learning SO MUCH every day and if I listed the most impactful teachers I’ve had, you wouldn’t find much on them in a Google search. There is no guru or magic person who showed me the way - although I really tried to find that person. Meridians, release work, all this stuff you see on my website and in my offerings developed over time - little bits here and there. No one taught me how to do this specific work. Just a lot of trial and error and a healthy dose of curiosity. So for now, I am sharing the stuff I know works. I love teaching people how to feel their bodies, understand their emotions and work through it with the body and the breath. The stuff I teach can be intense and powerful and it's certainly something that I feel lucky to get to do.

What is a pattern you see among clients and/or people when you do energy healing?

The most potent thing we can do to feel better and heal ourselves is to do the things that scare us most. So many folks work with me and ask why they feel certain things or why their body aches in certain ways. When you peel back the layers (nothing is really a mystery), there is always an underlying “real life” thing happening that contributes to our stress or pain we physically feel. Only changes in our lives can make us feel better in the long term. Stop dating the person, quit your job, accept a new one, get the dog, move cities, tell your mom you are angry, confront your roommate… Whatever it is that scares you most. tThe The thing your body is calling for you to do and knows you need to. So that’s the pattern… We think we don’t know but we really do we just need to find a way to listen. All I do is hold a microphone up to yourself.

What's your favorite story about helping someone out with your gifts?

Well, first off I don’t think I have gifts. I actually, probably controversially, think that there isn't really any such thing as a healer. All I can do… All anyone can ever do is help someone learn how to heal themselves. The yoga, breath, and release work is just a set of tools that have helped me get through really shitty times, days, moments, etc. Energy work like Reiki and energetic assessments is just holding a mirror up to someone. I can't do anything, I can just tell you what your body is plain and simple experiencing in that moment and where it comes from. We hold so much pain, emotion, and feeling in our bodies. Our minds mostly just try to get us to ignore and forget (not always a bad thing).

My favorite part of working with people is helping them remember what they feel. The best moments are when I literally read back where that person is holding tension or where their energy is freely flowing. Folks initially can’t quite wrap their head around how I know certain things, even when they never say a word about it. It's powerful and something I realize I have VERY little impact on. If someone has chronic anxiety, one hour with me won’t change that. Only learning why they have that anxiety, where their body holds it and things they can do every day to help can ease it long term. It’s a reminder, every time, how intelligent our bodies are and how much control we have truly over our mental and physical states of being.

Why should someone try breathwork?

Why not? The breath is the most handy and accessible tool we have. Not everyone can stand on their head but everyone can breath. Plus it's a WILD experience. No matter how many times I do it I feel something different.

If you’ve been strong enough to hold your pain in your body for your whole entire life, you are also strong enough to let it go.
— Erin Telford

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Emily Rasowsky

Founder of Energetic Release an experience that fuses together movement, breath and the science of meridian energy to help us understand and release the emotions we hold in our bodies. She is a 500hr certified yoga instructor and Reiki practitioner and has an extensive background in trauma-sensitive instruction, acupressure, and the study of emotional energy through meridians.  

@emilyrasowsky or @iwillrelese

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