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Noah William Berman is insightful in so many ways. His insights coupled with his psychic abilities provide new perspectives and understandings about the world. He will be co-hosting an intuition event with us in June (6/24). We hope you can join us!

Tell us about yourself! What's your story? What do you like sharing with people?

I first started sensing and perceiving things differently around age 6 or 7. I would ask my parents why people who didn’t like children smelled differently than other people. Around the same age I accurately intuited the library password, and then again the computer password in second grade so I could get on to the internet. I always felt and sensed things about people pretty intensely but it started shutting down out of necessity to some degree in middle school and high school because, in my estimation, it would have otherwise been too hard for me emotionally. When I was 17 I remember that the words came out my mouth, somewhat uncontrollably, that I had sensed information for a friend of mine about her sister’s sexual assault, who did it, and that her sister would come forward in three weeks. Three weeks later it happened.

How did you get into the woo woo?

I grew up in an agnostic home. After the prediction when I was 17 was validated, I started becoming more open to spiritually and practiced sharing insights among friends for some time. In 2014, I predicted an explosion in East Harlem the day before it happened, and shared with a co-worker who lived three blocks away from the event the day. People in office still accepted me, which helped me move through a lot of fear so that I was able to open more. From there it just became a part of my life and natural part of my day-to-day.

What is a pattern you see among clients and/or people?

Everyone I’ve ever worked with on some level wants to be seen and be understood, honored and recognized for who they are. I feel the simple act of witnessing another is creative and allows us to become more of our greatest potential.

What's your favorite story about helping someone out?

What I find most rewarding is helping people within relationships understand themselves better. Last year I ran into a couple I worked with on the street and they shared with me that I saved their relationship. Really only they could save their relationship but getting the opportunity to be a conduit to information that could help both parties understand one another better was a huge honor for me.

Do you have any morning or nightly daily rituals?

I meditation *almost* every morning and at night tend to visualize white light around people, whether or not they know about it (usually it’s better if they don’t).

What are you into at the moment? What topics/themes have caught your attention this year?

Rigorous self-honesty is really big for me this year. What are our blind spots and seeing the parts of ourselves that are most painful? This is to a large degree what takes of out of going “all-in” into living from intention and purpose.

I tore myself away from the safe comfort of certainties through my love for truth - and truth rewarded me.
— Simone du Beauvoir

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