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Like many people we’ve connected with to build the Woo Woo community, Sameer comes from a traditional career background as a journalist, but felt compelled to make a change after a personal health experience. Read more below about his experience with energy healing.

About Sameer Reddy

I am a seeker and it brings me great joy to work with others who are also searching. Helping people to find answers within themselves and to transform dreams into reality is deeply gratifying. My favorite part about it is connecting with others and cooperating to hold a space in which something miraculous can appear. It takes my breath away every time!

How did you get into the woo woo?

In 2007, I fell seriously ill with a digestive condition – I had test after test done, took antibiotics, tried twice-weekly acupuncture, herbal remedies, and psychotherapy, but nothing worked. One day an acquaintance suggested that I look into energy healing, and serendipitously, a few weeks later I was learning how to channel an energy called Reiki Tummo. After a year of self-healing, my condition completely disappeared and I felt happier, healthier and more whole than ever before. I felt a call to share this gift with others and so I left behind a successful career as a journalist to found a healing and coaching practice.

What is a pattern you see among clients and/or people you speak to seeking advice?

In working with hundreds of clients over the years, I have realized how incredibly powerful of a tool curiosity can be in trying to manifest our dreams. All of my clients are genuinely interested in learning about how to get out of their own way and allow abundance to flow freely.

What's your favorite story about helping someone out with your gifts?

One of my favorite stories involves a client who was extremely successful, at the top of her field and living the stereotypical New York City dream. But she had focused on her career over having children and was now having problems conceiving, and she was also deeply burnt out at work and yearning for a dramatic change. After working together for a couple years, change manifested. She became pregnant, negotiated a huge severance package, moved across the country and began an entirely new chapter in her life. It was beautiful to see her dreams come true and to play a part in that process.

What are you working on now?

I’ve just launched a 12-session program called Becoming Abundance which is designed to empower clients to manifest their highest potential. We all have dearly-held dreams, but all too often we allow life to sidetrack us from seriously pursuing them. The Becoming Abundance program offers an efficient and powerful route to finding fulfillment and it can be pursued at varying paces, making it affordable and functional for almost everyone’s budget and schedule.

What would you say to people who are skeptical about crystals, tarot, energy healing, etc.?

It’s essential to know the difference between being cynical and skeptical. Skepticism is healthy, while cynicism shuts us off from life. I’m a natural skeptic actually, and it has taken me a long time to accept these experiences because they challenge my “rational” mind. But I’ve found that as long as I remain open enough to allow my experience to speak for itself, I’m in good shape. If there is truth to crystals, tarot, and energy healing, it will make itself known to you, often in a way that is difficult to deny. So if you are curious but skeptical, just enter into the experience with an open mind and see what happens. Either way you will end up with a good story, and it might just change your life.

Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.
— Rumi

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Sameer Reddy

After working with ongoing clients for 8 years, Sameer has distilled his powerful process into a dynamic, short-term coaching program that can help more people fulfill their highest potential. Sameer’s intention is to empower Becoming Abundance clients to transcend obstacles and start living a more satisfying life, rooted in a sense of both inner and outer abundance.