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You can’t just manifest money without action. Sandy takes the fear and apprehension you may have with money away and replaces it with positive attitudes and habits. If you’re always worried about money, this belief will follow you. If you think in terms of abundance and also take action to make your thoughts into reality, financial security will be within your reach.

Tell us about yourself! What's your story? What do you like sharing with people?

I am mother of two teenage boys, a certified yoga teacher, Reiki master, clairvoyant ,and finance guru. I’ve often been called “the money angel” by my clients.

I was in the banking and finance industry for 22 years. I started my career in banking as a part-time teller at the age of 18 and I quickly worked my way up the ranks as I excelled in the sales arena. I was able to quickly identify creative ways to help my clients save money or grow their money! I received numerous awards and recognition throughout my career in banking.

In 2017, I took my own advice and started my own company, Karmic Currency, the energy behind business and finance. I help entrepreneurs understand their relationship with money and how to use chakra energy to heal it and how to create abundance and wealth. I recently published a book on the subject of chakras and money along with an online course to bring this information to broader audience.

How did you get into the woo woo?

I’ve always been into the woo! I’ve had spiritual gifts since I was a little girl and it took me years to finally figure out what these gifts were called. Now as an adult I know that I’m a Clair. (There are five Clair’s- Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Clairalience)  I always had the ability to read energy and just know things. I would honestly say though, that over the last ten years is when I truly began to take on a more spiritual practice by becoming a yoga teacher and Reiki master. This allowed me to begin speaking more openly about my gifts and sharing them with others. For many years spiritual gifts were taboo and many people would hide their talents and their love of the woo due to fear of being judged or misunderstood. It's refreshing to see that now we can come forward, share our authentic gifts, and be more accepted.

What is a pattern you see among clients and/or people?

The most common pattern I see in my clients is third chakra blockages. The third chakra governs willpower and action. Many times people have amazing ideas and passions they want to pursue but they fail in putting the plan in place to make it a reality. They become frozen with fear or negative self-talk which overwhelms them. They don’t act and do what they most desire which ultimately leads them into living (or staying in) a mundane and unfulfilled life.

What's your favorite story about helping someone out?

My favorite is when my clients have an “aha moment.” This is when they come to the realization that they themselves have been getting in their own way. They see the path they’ve been on and finally make the change necessary to achieve success! I truly take great pride in helping my clients achieve success through self-awareness.

What is a financial/money tip you find yourself sharing frequently with others?

One of the most popular comments I hear is “I need to have an emergency saving account” and these words drive me insane! (lol!) Especially since I help clients understand their money energy! If you save for an “emergency” you will always have an emergency! Now, I’m not sure about you, but emergencies are usually negative nature. I’ve yet to encounter a positive emergency.

So when clients ask me how to be better at saving or use the term “emergency” in any way, I ask them to choose another reason by trying to understand and connect to the energy of saving. Why do you want to save and for what purpose? To reframe the situation by finding a positive connection and reason. For example, I want to save to go on vacation, to pay off my credit cards, or to buy a house. Whatever ever your reason or motivation having a positive purpose and intention when saving will raise your vibration to a more positive one. If you are saving for a rainy day, rainy days are all you might ever see.


You owe it to yourself to become everything you’ve ever dreamed of being.
— Sandy Fernandez

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Sandy Fernandez

Sandy Fernandez, is a Mother, Yoga Teacher, Author, Financial Advisor, and also the President and Founder of Karmic Currency. Since 1996, Sandy has worked in the Financial Services Industry. Now in 2017, Sandy began offering her services through Karmic Currency. As the company’s President and Founder, Sandy combines her many years of financial experience, with her talent and love for Yoga and Spirituality

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