Yoga + Sound for Chakra Healing With Trove CBD 10/10

Yoga + Sound for Chakra Healing With Trove CBD 10/10


Join us for an evening of vinyasa yoga and sound therapy focusing on aligning chakras. We’ll also be joined by Trove CBD. They will share the benefits of CBD and answer any questions. We’ll sample some of their products before we start flowing.

Chakras are energy centers in the body that align to psychological, spiritual, and emotional parts of ourselves. There are seven chakras in the body residing along the spine. You should visualize chakras as spinning wheels of energy each with their own unique color and purpose. When they are balanced and open, you feel a flow to life. In this class, we'll work to balance chakras and power certain ones to energize us. The class will end with a sound bath for deep meditation.

Alice Hu is a RYT-200 vinyasa flow yoga teacher with Reiki I and II certifications. She loves to incorporate meditation and breathing exercises into her classes. Alice is also the founder of Woo Woo Company, a company bringing new and unique wellness topics to Washington, D.C. in the form of events and content (think astrology, intuition, chakra healing, crystals, etc.). Connect with her on Instagram @woowooco!

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