As a new entrepreneur you suddenly have all the time in the world, but how do you manage your time? How do you prioritize which things are the most important to get done each day, week, or month? The work wellness series presented by Alice of Woo Woo Company will help you organize the upcoming month during a session designed to maximize your time and energy. We host in-person workshops before the start of each month. If you can’t make it, you can purchase the workbook below! Each month’s workbook will be tailored to that specific month.

For website and business strategy help, please visit our sister website Prism. At Prism, we help wellness practitioners find clarity in branding and business strategy.

What is in the workbook?

How to stack your day and your month so that you'll feel you're getting more done with the same amount of time.

Create actionable goals to grow your business.

Productivity tips.

How to create morning and evening rituals to boost productivity.

September Work Wellness Workbook

Getting prepared for September by focusing on how we can flow through changes and transitions and how to create boundaries. Take a few minutes to meditate before starting the workbook! Best used printed out :)

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