We Love... CorePower Yoga


We Love… CorePower Yoga.

If you’re someone who craves intensity and cardio in your workouts, but also enjoys the benefits of hot yoga, this workout was made for you

If you’re new, here’s what to expect:

-Create an account on their website. Bonus: if you’re a new customer your get unlimited classes free for 1 week!

-You don’t have to book a class ahead of time, just show up for the one you want to take.

-Get there early to check-in and get a tour of the studio.

-Find a spot in the studio, setup your yoga mat, towel, hand weights and any other equipment the instructor tells you to use.

-Be sure to have water, you’re going to need it.

-Once class starts, listen to the instructor. If you’re unsure of a move, look to your neighbors for guidance.

-The practice consists of some yoga, some cardio and some weight training.  

-It gets very hot in the studio, be sure to drink water and if you need to take a break, it’s okay to do that.

-Class ends with savasana.

-Take a deep breath and thank your body.  Namaste.

Kelly O'Malley